Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cheeto Plaster Mold

In our last project we created a plastic mold of the perfect Cheeto. In this project we made a plaster mold using the plastic mold we make previously. 

For this project we used the following materials: 
  • File folders (Dad's go to craft supply)
  • Molding plaster powder
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic mold
The first step of this project was to create a circular cylinder in which we could pour the plaster. We cut strips 2 inches wided out of the file folders and wrapped them around a peanut butter jar. We made two just for added strength, and wrapped one around the other.

Then we used duct tape and taped the file folder cylinders to the plastic cheeto mold. We coated the mold with a quick shot of cooking non-stick spray to help separate it from the plaster later on.

We eyeballed enough plaster powder into a paper cup and mixed in enough water until the plaster was the consistency of pancake batter, and poured it into our mold. Then we let the mold sit for about an hour.

When the paster was hard, we removed it from the mold.

Last of all we painted the plaster with acrylic paint. 

This was a fun project. If we were to do it again we would make a few modificaitons. First, we wouldn't have used so much plaster. It is much thicker than it needs to be. This just adds extra weight without being very useful. Also, the file folders weren't such a good idea. They got soggy and didn't make a good edge for the plaster. It would have been better to coat the inside of the file folders with duct tape before taping it to the plastic form.

We have also decided that we could make smaller cylinders and make Christmas tree ornaments of the Cheeto mold. Then we could have a Cheeto Christmas to complement our Cheeto Summer of Fun.

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