Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cheetos as Sidewalk Chalk

Today in Salt Lake City there is a Chalk Art Festival. Artists are using chalk to make drawings of superheros on the sidewalk. That lead us to today's Cheetos experiment. Do Cheetos make good sidewalk chalk?

We approached our empty driveway canvas with a bowlful of Cheetos and a headful of ideas. We set to work drawing...

This wasn't so much of a scientific experiment, but more of a "what if." We learned very quickly that lots of Cheetos are needed to make a drawing as they practially discintigrate in contact with the cement. Most of the drawing was done by the oil in the Cheetos than the coloring.

Observations: Cheetos do not make good sidewalk chalk. For future attempts we will probably follow Silvia's instructutions to make sidewalk chalk with plaster and use Cheetos as the coloring.  

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